Rotonda red Aubergine "Tower", goat cheese and almonds

Rotonda red Aubergine "Tower", goat cheese and almonds

The Rotonda Red Aubergine is a P.O.D. vegetable symbol from Italian Basilicata Region. It recall a tomato to the eye a prickly pear on the nose. it is mildly spicy to the taste.

It is firm and crunchy and in this recipe the citrus aftertaste of the aubergine is enhanched by the sweet and creamy notes of the goat cheese. 

Ingredients per 1 person

  • P.O.D Rotonda Red Aubergine
  • Fresh goat cheese
  • Sicilian almonds
  • Violet Basil


  • Intersperse the Aubergine slice with a good dose of goat cheese, almonds and on top put two leaves of fresh violet basil
  • Choose the height that you prefer e pair you gastronimic "tower" with hot bread or white meats.