The manifesto of our values

Our Giardiniera

was born in 2005 in the 5 Sensi restaurant in Malo, to accompany a dish from the new menu.

Luciana, with a critical spirit, convinces Morgan to also prepare a version in a jar to take away.

From a simple sweet and sour giardiniera, a great success is immediately born!

In 2012 a laboratory dedicated to the preparation of the vegetable pickle was created, where the typical seasonal products are interpreted and where the glass specialties of Morgan and his family come to life, with the same gastronomic approach of the time, without compromise and looking for the highest quality.


We want to be gastronomic innovators.

We want people to discover a totally different concept of mixed pickles and traditional preserves.

We want our products to be seen as a protagonist and creative element, extremely stimulating.

We want them to be used all year round in a modern, fresh, beautiful, colourful and genuine kitchen.

We strongly believe in a clean, efficient, orderly and healthy work environment. We believe in curiosity and entrepreneurship, in work done with passion.

We believe in creative and innovative recipes but at the same time simple, able to make unique experiences for the five senses.

We believe in the sense of belonging, and where we identify the people we work with.

We respect nature not only at the table or in the choice of raw materials, but also the production phase.

Every day we try to make our company better, a process that also passes through the least possible waste of energy and the use of energy from renewable sources.

Our corporate security policy

The primary objective of our family company, present for more than 15 years in the catering and gastronomy sector, is to produce gastronomic specialities of excellence.
To achieve this, we refer to the principles of customer orientation, innovation, continuous improvement of our processes, transparency and correctness, flexibility, respect for the individual, respect for the environment, legality.

To ensure our customers the supply of safe products from a hygienic and sanitary point of view and to guarantee their authenticity to prevent food fraud, we undertake precise commitments and duties that include the definition, monitoring and continuous improvement of processes that have a direct influence on the quality of the products and services offered, in full compliance with the requirements defined by the UNI EN ISO 22000 standard.

Particular attention is paid to ensuring the total traceability of the material, to knowing the origin and path of our products. Click here to view the document.

La jardinera familiar