Rotonda Red Aubergine POD

Rotonda Red Aubergine POD

Unique Aubergine fro the Pollino's Heart

The sunshine of the Southern Italian region of Basilicata is encapsulated by this new recipe, which contains aubergines like you have never seen them before. PDO Red Aubergines of Rotonda look like tomatoes, smell like prickly pears and have a delicately piquant flavour: rather than confusing the palate, these different sensations surprise your taste buds with playful expectation. Morgan has used the firm, crunchy aubergines in a light, clean-cut recipe. The sharp, slightly bitter aftertaste with citrus notes is contrasted with his trademark sweet and sour qualities.


Rotonda's Red Aubergine POD sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, water, whole sea Cervia salt, sugar.

How to use

It fits perfectly as a complements of cheese, white grilled meat and roasted fish. We suggest to use it as a filling of a gourmet sandwich or with a mesclun salad of rocket and fresh basil.

How to keep it

Store it in a cool place away from sources of light. Pasteurized product.

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