Friends of Sport - Handball Malo

Gli Amici dello Sport - Handball Malo

Dedication and resourcefulness, a sense of belonging, passion and courage, these values have animated MALO HANDBALL for 40 years, a historic and glorious handball company.


This club is still one of the most active and best structured in the Veneto region: currently, it has about 140 members with the coverage of 6 youth teams and two seniors.
The first team plays in the national A2 series and, thanks to an important structure of players mainly coming from the team's nursery, it aspires to bring the team back among the 14 who play the highest national series in the next two years. Already in the past, with perseverance and ambition, this goal had been achieved, and for three consecutive seasons, the MALO HANDBALL had played in Serie A1. With these premises, it is quite natural the concrete support granted by "La Giardiniera di Morgan" to this lively club, a club formed by athletes who at all levels, from the youth sectors to the first team, train hard to excel in the sport and excite, from game to game, the audience of fans who follow them to the Paladeledda di Malo.

Just this attitude that aims at continuous improvement is the same that has always animated the work of Morgan and Luciana Pasqual in creating their new products of "La Giardiniera", a winning mentality that further unites these two excellences of Vicenza.