Morgan's mixed pickles

La Giardiniera di Morgan

Mixed pickles so good to taste and so beautiful to see we have never witnessed: prepared in sweet and sour with carrots, red yellow and green peppers, cauliflowers and fennel, they have bold colours and have a unique crunchiness. These are the ones produced by Morgan Pasqual with his family in Malo. It all started in the restaurant I 5 Sensi, where the recipe most appreciated by Morgan's customers was precisely the mixed pickle. Hence the decision, in 2013, to open a laboratory dedicated to the transformation of seasonal vegetables. The first was followed by other recipes of mixed pickles that take inspiration from the peculiarities and characteristics of family members. Thus, Luciana’s Mixed Pickles, Giada Maria, Anna Paola and Giovanni was founded. And then the single-variety pickle with only one type of vegetable, the Seasonal ones like the late Treviso radicchio, white asparagus, purple onions and poplar mushrooms. But imagination did not stop there. The line of Q. li from Treviso, hearts of late radicchio with liquorice, myrtle, oil, wild oregano, salt and cane sugar, to be combined with grilled red meats or mature cheeses, have been so combined: a perfect mix between the bitter notes of radicchio and the sweet notes of myrtle and liquorice. Our preference also goes to the preparation of sweet and sour quail eggs with steamed seasonal vegetables. There are three types: carp, with asparagus and poplar mushrooms.

New: Morgan's Fruit, a new line that includes cherries under light grappa and Bourbon vanilla percoche with a surprising mix of sweet and savoury.

Via Pacinotti 2, Malo (VI)
tel. 0445 607976

Source: Il Golosario