Morgan's mixed pickles

La Giardiniera di Morgan

Today I have the pleasure of talking to you about a really very interesting and modern brand: La Giardiniera di Morgan.
To consider this brand appealing, it doesn't really take much, just read their presentation where they say they love novelties, that they always want to experiment, invent and mix and that since 2012 they do it in a dedicated laboratory where their many specialities are born.
I am convinced that the first thought of most people who will read, will be something like: "But how ... do they make mixed pickles or have I misunderstood? And yet it seems that they do something else!".
Yes, because the common thought is one of those preparations to which we are not accustomed to giving much importance or attention and yet, in this case, it becomes almost a wedding favours ... and I assure you that it is not just a way of saying!
Their gastronomic approach is defined by the owners themselves as "sparing no expense": the vegetables they use are practically zero miles, produced by farms that work ethically and sustainably, without using chemical additives and are always traceable. In their opinion, this is what makes Morgan's mixed pickles a unique product of its kind. From my point of view, the strengths of the brand are really many and the premises are good, not to mention their crucial objectives: they want to be considered gastronomic innovators by completely re-evaluating the concept of classic gardener making it a gourmand product to appreciate and even give on special occasions.
They want to work in a modern and creative way respecting their customers, their collaborators and the environment itself.
From experience, they have certainly considered that theirs is a family-run business present for more than 15 years in the catering and gastronomy sector, always aimed at proposing excellence.
The raw materials they use come from their land, that of Veneto, where biodiversity and high-quality products have always been something to protect and to keep.
They have chosen to collaborate with the Orchard and Vegetable Producers Organisation of "Veneto" which has made sustainable horticulture the priority objective and which in turn collaborates with the World Biodiversity Association (WBA) NPO, an association that deals with the study and preservation of biodiversity in the world.

I mean... I told you that the premises were really good.
Let's talk about the products?
Here you will be amazed…
Not only a gardener on whom we will dwell in a while but also fruit "syrup" (as they call it), quail eggs in a jar (and what jars!), excellences, sauces, seasonal, single-varieties in bittersweet and lastly Morgan's onions.
And then the Morgan Mixed Pickles.
After arriving at this topic, they ask you "what mixed pickle are you?"
Yes, because on their website we can find:
Morgan's, crunchy and sweet and sour
Luciana, rich and melting
Giada, sweet and colorful
Anna, with the chili,
Giovanni, unusual with fruit

If you think it ended here ... I would say that the most erroneous thought is not there!
You can also find:
the Red Aubergine of Rotonda PDO with the salt of Cervia and sunflower seeds, the Tomato and Vanilla Bourbon, the Red Aubergine Pesto Rotonda and the Pinzimonio with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
What about… are not all delicious things?
If you are not happy yet…no problem.
We have the section to make the Morgan Gardener a real bonbonniere for special occasions, being able to choose between different jars and packaging and even company gifts, always being able to choose between interesting, modern and delicious options.
All this you can easily find on their site and above all, you can buy it, if you are interested, in their shop.

Via Pacinotti 2, Malo (VI)
tel. 0445 607976

Source: Contemporaneo food