A "Dolce Emporio" in San Frediano

Un «Dolce Emporio» in San Frediano

A boutique of taste with chef Fabio Barbaglini

A particular type of pate' is made, without the addition of preservatives, dosing Marsala, Atlantic grey salt, Sechuan pepper, coriander, turmeric and other flavours. Morgan's mixed pickles are made from peppers, fennel, cauliflowers and carrots seasoned only with vinegar, sugar and salt. Just some of the gastronomic excellence that can be found among the renovated shelves of Dolce Emporio, in Borgo San Frediano 128r that courageously opens today in the place where there was the historic "chiccaio" (seed silus).To select the products, the multi-star chef Fabio Barbaglini who after always driving in Florence La Ménagère and Florence Out Of Ordinary has now dedicated himself to the reopening of the historic workshop that has boasted a sign since 1961. "This shop — he says - has its roots far beyond the last century. As early as the 16th century, sweets and flour were kneaded here. Now it comes back to life respecting the historic furnishings to offer a choice of gourmet products every day. The idea is to present excellent food and preparations coming from all over Italy. Once we are past the coronavirus emergency, Dolce Emporio will also be a meeting place with a calendar of events and tastings of both food and wine."The renovation has preserved the atmosphere of yesteryear with the warmth of the wooden shelves and a large central counter to which is added a glass case where customers can peek into the specialities of the day."When we are at full capacity around the counter it will be possible to taste drinks and treats and at lunch break treat yourself to a simple dish such as a cereal salad. Fresh preparations that will come to us expressed by the suppliers. However, our shop will not be a bar or a canonical refreshment point — Barbaglini points out — The products can still be tasted from the morning thanks to a selection of yeasts and desserts such as the chocolate Babbi wafers or the delicacies of the Sicilian pastry chef Corrado Assenza, up to the aperitif time thanks to a selection of wines from all over Italy and from across the Alps and spirits "but also many products exclusively for us". Dolce Emporio is also plastic-free and for this reason, it will only use glass and tableware made of compostable material that can be used in the collection of the organic. In the same direction, the choice is to equip itself with a state-of-the-art system to serve microfiltered water.

Via Pacinotti 2, Malo (VI)
tel. 0445 607976

Source: Corriere Fiorentino