Morgan's Patatas Nana with Capers - Box of 5 packs

Morgan's Patatas Nana with Capers - Box of 5 packs

For roasted and grilled meat

Patatas Nanas Chips and Morgan's vegetables come together in a new and innovative project. The aim is to revolutionize the flavoured potato chips market thanks to the quality and the work philosophy of the two companies. The ingredients are 100% natural without any added preservatives and chemical aromas. The vegetables are carefully selected and dehydrated from Morgan through a natural exsiccation process. They are then powdered a mixed with Patatas Nana chips with the addition of a pinch of salt


Selected potatos, sunflower oil, Sea Salt, caper powder (5%)

How to use

A savory recipe and really delicious and ideal for apertif. Try them with pour Red onions and capers.

How to keep it

Store it in a cool place away from sources of light.

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