Sweet and sour Q.li di Treviso in oil

Sweet and sour Q.li di Treviso in oil

Radicchio roots seasoned with Myrtle and Liquorice

Late harvest radicchio hearts, meticulously processed to bring out their texture and flavour, thus creating a gourmet product. Bitter radicchio notes and the aromatic qualities of myrtle berries and liquorice, with a touch of vinegar for a rounded flavour.


late harvest radicchio 51%, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, water, whole sea salt, sugar, myrtle berries, liquorice.

How to use

Exceptional with pasta dishes, with grilled red meat, mature and blue cheeses, duck breast, roast white poultry meat, or hot, crusty durum wheat bread.

How to keep it

Store it in a cool place away from sources of light. Pasteurized product.

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