Cauliflower Tartare with Garda' Lake olives and mild spices

Battuto di cavolfiore

Explosion of Flavors

Cauliflower tartare is a delectable, rustic creation containing chopped vegetables that is bursting with personality.


Cauliflowers 56%, pitted olives 6.7%, turmeric 0.6%, organic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, water, whole sea salt, sugar.

How to use

Great with vegetarian dishes and appetizers, it also works well with pork, cured meats and white meat, such as grilled chicken breast. In addition, it is outstanding with a simple piece of toast and cheese. Thanks to its spicy notes, sweetness and originality, it offers an enticing experience.

How to keep it

Store it in a cool place away from sources of light. Pasteurized product.

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